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Oxford Fintech Programme
Core Programme (mandatory)
Oxford Fintech Programme
The rise of fintech has changed the way companies do business and how we live as a society. Understand disruptive innovations in finance to effectively navigate a rapidly shifting industry.
Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme
Electives (recommended)
Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme
Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining traction, changing the face of business as we know it. Grasp its impact to prepare for widespread adoption, and harness its power to drive your career forward.
Oxford Digital Disruption and Platforms Programme
Electives (recommended)
Oxford Digital Disruption and Platforms Programme
Looking at industry-specific platforms and Big Tech companies, gain critical knowledge of what differentiates between successful platforms and why some platforms fail, and adopt the tools to drive digital transformation through platform-based business models.
Digital Finance Executive Series Certificate
3 Certificates + Series Completion Certificate
The series is completed with an Oxford Digital Finance Executive Series certificate. This certificate indicates the substantive skill set achieved when the three programmes are completed together.
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Curriculum and Programme Highlights
Your professional development is accelerated by learning science, AI technologies, personal coaching and exceptional curriculum and delivery.
Core Fintech Modules
An overview of the programme, the next-generation AI-platform used to deliver it, and your community of fellow fintech innovators and leaders.
The Context
Introduction to disruptive change and opportunities in fintech and financial innovation.
Policy and Regulation
Views from policy makers and regulators: understand how new regulation is being created or adapted to support the growth of fintech innovation ecosystems.
Views from incumbents: appreciate the complex challenges traditional financial institutions face as they digitally transform into nimble, digitally-enabled operations.
Entrepreneurs Part I
Views from entrepreneurs: garner insights into startup successes and their challenges in a highly competitive, fast-moving industry.
Entrepreneurs Part II
Continuing our exploration of fintech from an entrepreneur’s view, we investigate peer-to-peer (P2P) lending; digital identity; AI in finance and more.
Investors, Academia and the Future
Views from investors and academia: acquire perspective from VCs around investment trends; VC filters and techniques.
Online Electives
Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme
Learn to think strategically about AI and understand the business impact as access to financial data becomes more open.
Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme
Understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are driving innovation and competitive advantage for companies in various industries and environments.
Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme
Prepare for the increasingly complex future of cyber security and gain a full understanding of the challenges and potential of cyber.
Oxford Digital Disruption and Platforms Programme
Develop a strategic plan for responding to disruption from platform-based business models, artificial intelligence and/or blockchain technology.
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