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Imperial College Business School
Climate Innovation: Accelerating to Net Zero Emissions
Create new value by tackling the climate crisis
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Length: 6 Weeks
Language: English
Effort: 7-10 hours per week, self-paced online learning
Speak with programme advisor SPEAK WITH PROGRAMME ADVISOR
About the Climate Innovation: Accelerating to Net Zero Emissions programme
With the planet heating up, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to create business sustainability initiatives that drive toward net zero emissions and improve our resilience to the changing climate. From impact investing to clean tech, climate innovations are transforming businesses; and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) assets are on track to exceed $50 trillion by 2025.

In this six-week online programme from Imperial College Business School Executive Education, in collaboration with the Grantham Institute's Centre for Climate Change Innovation, you will learn the foundations of climate science and its applications for combating climate change. By exploring recent climate innovation case studies, you will develop new frameworks and strategies for leading impact-driven initiatives that drive business value and create a carbon-neutral world.
This programme is for people who want to leverage their business skills and sectoral expertise to create a new way to tackle climate change – whether it be a product, service or way of working. You will get inspiration and practical advice on how to become an innovator in this space. By the end of the programme, you will be equipped with a new set of skills that will help you address climate change within your niche.
Alyssa Gilbert, Programme Director

Director of Policy and Translation, Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London
Is This Programme Right for You?

You will benefit from Climate Innovation: Accelerating to Net Zero Emissions if you are:

  • A C-suite executive looking to navigate disruption caused by climate change and identify opportunities to create organisational value and prosperity with climate innovation.
  • A corporate innovator who needs to understand the landscape and tools necessary to innovate on reducing emissions and pollution and provide solutions that are a net positive for the climate.
  • A business strategist seeking a better understanding of climate innovation in order to develop action plans that tackle sustainability issues within their organisation.
  • An innovative member of the environmental community interested in better understanding the risks and opportunities that climate change presents for their organisation.
  • An entrepreneur interested in developing innovative solutions and business models to help address the climate crisis.
Programme Content
Orientation Module arrow
Module 1: Climate change: challenges and opportunities Module arrow
Module 2: The role of innovation in climate change action Module arrow
Module 3: Strategies for effective climate change action Module arrow
Module 4: Business model innovation Module arrow
Module 5: Testing a business model hypothesis to find market fit Module arrow
Module 6: Leading and shaping climate innovation: a plan for action Module arrow
What you will gain
  1. A prestigious certificate of participation issued by Imperial College Business School Executive Education.
  2. A Credly badge listing your specific areas of new expertise.
  3. A powerful professional network of climate innovators, influencers and leaders.
  4. Dynamic new skills to help you develop and lead climate innovation.
  5. A deep understanding of how climate innovation can help tackle the climate crisis while creating business value.
What you gain image
Your faculty directors
Course director primary image
Professor Richard Templer Expand director's description Expand director's description
Director of Innovation, Grantham Institute; August von Hofmann Professor of Chemistry
Course director primary image
Alyssa Gilbert Expand director's description Expand director's description
Director of Policy and Translation at the Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London
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How you will learn:
  • Digital videos or audio content, augmented by material created exclusively for the course
  • Quizzes and exercises designed specifically to help you understand and retain new information
  • Dialogue with expert instructors and your peers via discussion forums and small group sessions
  • Simulations and other carefully crafted interactions to provide an engaging learning experience
  • Real-life examples that place information in context to help you understand how the concepts delivered in the programme material can be applied to your work environment
  • AI coaching to improve your and your team’s collaboration
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