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Fintech: Blockchain, Platforms, AI and Cyber Security

The rise of fintech has changed the way companies do business and how we live as a society. From the adoption of blockchain technology, the emergence of platforms and the ethical incorporation of artificial intelligence in business strategy to navigating the challenges around building a cyber-resilient future, disruptive innovations in finance are radically shifting the industry..

Learn how to harness the fintech revolution to upskill, empower and accelerate your career with professional development courses from top-tier universities.

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford is committed to preparing global executives for the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a world-class business school community, embedded in a world-class university, their faculty are active in fintech research and teaching, including starting fintech companies. Drawing on this significant fintech expertise, they deliver cutting-edge fintech programmes that transform individuals, organisations, business practice, and society.

Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme

Learn how to think critically about AI in finance, develop a framework for applying AI in financial services, and apply AI to a finance business or venture.

Oxford Fintech Programme

Gain a foundation in digital transformation, learn about the Rise of the Platforms, Distributed Systems and GDPR, and explore responsible innovation including ethical AI.

Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme

Learn how to build a cyber security strategy that integrates intuition with proven frameworks to create competitive advantage, enable decision making and mitigate business risk.

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Explore what a blockchain is, how it works and methodologies that support the development and deployment of business models built around this new technology.

Oxford Platforms and Digital Disruption Programme

Looking at use cases of disruptive platforms, AI and blockchain, gain knowledge of what creates successful digital transformation and adopt tools to drive revenue generation in business.