Open Banking and BigTech

BigTech is creating tectonic shifts in Open Banking.
Are you ready?

BigTech has enjoyed unprecedented reign in Open Banking. New regulations will curb their power. How will it affect you? Our executive summary of the white paper from Oxford Saïd will guide you.

Open banking is the practice of sharing financial information electronically, securely and only under conditions that customers approve of. With the accelerated streamlining of financial services, during a global crisis, much-needed resilience and opportunity has dramatically shifted the sector—particularly for BigTech.

If you have, or want, a career in financial services, it’s imperative that you keep up with these changes.

Read our executive summary of Rise of BigTech platforms in banking by Pinar Ozcan to gain an immediate, future-facing picture of the banking sector.

Pinar Ozcan specialises in entrepreneurship and strategy in technology markets. Her current research includes the open banking project, where she examines the industry disruption in banking through regulation and entry of fintechs, and the development of the sharing economy.

In 2018, Pinar received the Strategic Management Society Research in Organisations Award for her work on the disruption in the banking sector in partnership with Swift Institute. She was recently selected for the global Thinkers 50 list for emerging thinkers with the potential to make lasting contributions to management theory and practice. Finally, in 2019, she was chosen as a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow for her work on the disruption of banking in Europe and the UK.

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