Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Build the future of digital finance with a blockchain innovation toolkit.


6 July 2022

Registration closes
12 July 2022



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Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Build the future of digital finance with a blockchain innovation toolkit.

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Programme starts

6 July 2022

Registration closes 12 July 2022




Payment Options

  • Length:
    6 weeks


  • Language:


  • Effort:
    7-10 hours per week, online collaborative learning


  • Academic directors:
    Prof. Martin Schmalz


6 Weeks




7-10 hours per week, online collaborative learning

Acadmeic directors:

Prof. Martin Schmalz

About the programme

Blockchain technology promises to revolutionise business by making digital assets cheaper, faster and safer to move and store.


The global blockchain market is growing at lightning speed, and will reach $19 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 69.3% (Statista).


In this programme, you’ll learn how to develop strategic frameworks for blockchain projects that create real value for your organisation.


Take a deep dive into blockchain and cryptocurrencies – future-fit your business and your career.

Who is this programme for?

  • Executives who want to use blockchain technology to create sustainable and inclusive business models.

  • Innovators looking to develop blockchain initiatives that drive business value.

  • Entrepreneurs eyeing opportunities to disrupt business models with blockchain technology.


Of global executives say blockchain, crypto and digital assets will generate new revenue streams in their industry


Believe blockchain enterprise solutions can scale for mainstream adoption

Get certified

On completing the programme, you will earn a prestigious certificate of attendance issued by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Program Benefits

What you will gain

  • Actionable skills, knowledge and strategic frameworks to help you get ahead of the blockchain revolution.
  • A deep understanding of blockchain technology and use cases so that you can develop successful blockchain strategies.
  • A powerful professional network of blockchain business leaders, influencers, innovators and fellow learners.
  • Increased professional credibility from earning a certificate of attendance from a world-renowned university.

Our Fanlist

Companies we’ve worked with

Our learners are professionals from prestigious companies from across the world. In the past, we have worked with companies like NASA, Boeing, MasterCard, Salesforce, HSBC and many more.

I now have a strong understanding of the blockchain fundamentals.


Conor Flynn

COO - Adaptemy

I feel as though I am much more capable to make a difference


Rasam Aliazizi

Strategic consultant


Programme Content

Module 1

Examine individual and team leadership strengths, organizational structures and culture to support bottom-up and top-down innovation.

Module 2

Explore innovation systems and collective intelligence, and evaluate your organization's current structure.

Module 3

Learn how x-teams and AI tools act as aggregators for building, nurturing and supporting complex knowledge transfer and creative solution-finding.

Module 4

Uncover ways of building effective teams, tapping into organizational wisdom and creating agile organizations.

Module 5

Understand how AI can be used as a sensemaking tool in the decision-making process, with a focus on ethics and responsibility.

Module 6

Examine trends and developments in AI, how to evaluate and choose which technologies to pursue and how to maintain adaptive teams to accelerate transformation.

Faculty Directors

Martin Schmalz

Academic Director

Professor of Finance and Economics, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Meltem Demirors

Programme Director

Programme Director, ChiefStrategy Officer at CoinShares

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  • Programme Recurrence

    If you are unable to make the presentation starting on June 1, 2022 the next will be on 13 July 2022.
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