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MIT Media Lab, the world-renowned interdisciplinary research center

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Time Commitment:
6 Weeks, 7 - 10 hours per week

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Why Study Corporate Innovation?

Corporate innovation is a complex process riddled with risk – and critical for growth and value creation. For today’s leading companies, tapping into new ideas and technologies often involves in-house accelerators, innovation labs and VC arms. Yet these initiatives can be rigid and clumsy in large organizations, resulting in wasted resources and years of stagnation. When corporate innovations fail, 42% of the time it’s because innovators do a poor job of defining problems and meeting market needs – issues best solved with a fresh approach from the beginning.

In this course from MIT Media Lab, the world-renowned interdisciplinary research center, you’ll learn how to approach corporate innovation in a systematic and structured way, so that you can develop the frameworks to recognize innovation opportunities while mapping solutions and mitigating risks. By studying the counter-intuitive RedX process, you’ll go beyond design thinking to develop a strategy for spotting, scoping and fine-tuning innovation. In a fast-paced business environment, where a startup is always one step away from disruption, a fresh approach to corporate innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition.


Is This Course Right for You?


This course is for C-suite executives who want to improve business outcomes by understanding fresh frameworks for corporate innovation and growth. The course will also appeal to corporate innovators, such as heads of R&D and business development managers, who want to turbocharge their teams by deploying the most current and relevant innovation frameworks. Government officials – policy makers, development officers, regional governors – interested in developing an innovation mindset to improve policy and economic initiatives also stand to benefit from this course.

What you will learn

  • Innovation essentials for businesses productivity, growth and value creation
  • Innovation frameworks and strategies for large and successful businesses
  • Current corporate innovation case studies
  • RedX Spot process (Identifying opportunities, Analyzing opportunities, Mapping resources)
  • Organizational innovation

Future dates for this course are to be confirmed.

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We teach executives as they work - in cross-functional teams. Learners participate in interactive simulations and team projects which reinforce applied learning and enhance collaboration and complex problem solving skills. If you are looking for an individually-paced course, this course is not for you.

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