Data Strategy: Leverage AI for Business

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7-10 hours




Self-paced online learning

Data Strategy: Leverage AI for Business




Length: 7-10 hours per week

Effort: Self-paced online learning

Develop an AI and Data Strategy That Drives Value

The digital world runs on data. Too many businesses let it go to waste.

From MIT Media Lab, this Data Strategy: Leverage AI for Business executive briefing will give you the tools to:

  • Develop an AI and data strategy.
  • Accelerate data-enabled decision-making.
  • Improve business performance with analytics.

“How do data and digital interact with real life? In the next couple decades we’re going to see virtually everything augmented and processes reinvented to take advantage of new capabilities.”

Prof. Alex Pentland, Faculty Director, MIT Institute for Data, Systems & Society

Fast Insights in a Flexible Format

This 7-10 hour, self-paced executive briefing fits seamlessly into your busy schedule and is the fastest way to:

  • Recognize how AI enables new enterprise activities that can transform how companies operate.
  • Recognize the importance of data quality to develop an AI and data strategy that leverages new business opportunities.
  • Design a basic organizational or departmental strategy for how to use AI within your business operation.
  • Identify privacy and security vulnerabilities in data collection.
  • Identify and manage risks associated with AI.

AI and Data Strategy Essentials

Module 1: Data Quality and Data Ownership

Recognize how a successful AI and data strategy is dependent on quality data and assemble the right mechanisms to collect quality data.

Module 2: Aspects of a Successful AI and Data Strategy

Identify foundational components needed for an AI strategy and outline steps required to implement a successful AI strategy.

Module 3: Ethics and Policy Considerations

Identify and manage the risks associated with AI, identify privacy and security vulnerabilities in data collection, and learn the definition of federated AI.

Best-In-Class Benefits

    • Guest lectures from MIT faculty and industry experts.
    • Discussion prompts and interactive knowledge-checks.
    • Live support from course success coaches.
    • A next-gen collaborative learning platform.
    • Deduct* the fee when you enroll in the Data Strategy: Leverage AI for Business collaborative 6-week short course.
    • WSJ+ members also receive an invitation to a live event with an MIT faculty member from the course.

*Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or other similar offers.

Your Faculty Director

Prof. Alex "Sandy"

Faculty Director

Professor, Institute for Data Systems and Society

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