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1 June, 2022

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6 Weeks






7-10 hours per week, self-paced online learning

Orientation starts:26 May 2021
Length:6 weeks
Registration closes:2 June 2021
Effort:7-10 hours per week, collaborative online learning
Certificate issued by:Saïd Business School,
University of Oxford

What’s Included?

You are invited to register for the Oxford Fintech Programme, presented by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in collaboration with Esme Learning. The upcoming presentation of the programme starts October 13, 2021 and new presentations are available each quarter. As a part of this offer, learners will receive a 15% off on the programme and a free Busuu programme of your choice.

Offer details*

  • 15% discount on registration fees to learn accelerate your career
  • Collaboration with guest speakers, experts and programme participants from around the world to develop your network
  • A professional profile enhanced by a certificate of attendance from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • One complimentary Busuu programme of your choice

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About the Oxford Fintech Programme

The financial services industry has been radically disrupted by technology, government policies and a global pandemic -leading to massive layoffs, career uncertainties and acceleration of digital transformation. To succeed in this rapidly changing environment, understanding and mastering the technologies driving fintech is essential.

Programme content

MODULE 1 - The Context
Over six modules, the curriculum enables you to understand and master the technologies that are driving fintech, from the basics of fintech to advanced and adjacent topics.


MODULE 2 - Policy and Regulation
Views from policy makers and regulators: understand how new regulation is being created or adapted to support the growth of fintech innovation ecosystems.


MODULE 3 - Incumbents
Views from incumbents: appreciate the complex challenges traditional financial institutions face as they digitally transform into nimble, digitally-enabled operations.


MODULE 4 - Entrepreneurs Part I
Views from entrepreneurs: garner insights into startup successes and their challenges in a highly competitive, fast-moving industry.


MODULE 5 - Entrepreneurs Part II
Continuing our exploration of fintech from an entrepreneur’s view, we investigate peer-to-peer (P2P) lending; digital identity; AI in finance and more.


MODULE 6 - Investors, Academia and The Future
Views from investors and academia: acquire perspective from VCs around investment trends; VC filters and techniques.

What You Will Learn

You will benefit from the programme if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur, business leader, or executive wanting to gain strategic insight and actionable knowledge to create new ventures or develop business strategies for fintech
  • Are intellectually curious and motivated and in the midst of, or aspiring towards, a career transition or looking for future-fit skills in financial tech
  • Want to learn alongside, and build a network with, fellow participants, ranging from mid-senior to C-level executives

Who You'll Learn From

Our programme faculty brings together thought leaders from the University of Oxford with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, to facilitate the rapid application of theory to practice.

David Shrier

Programme Director, Oxford Fintech
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

David Shrier is a globally recognized authority on financial innovation, and has dual academic appointments at MIT and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. In addition to Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders, he created and leads the Oxford Fintech and Oxford Blockchain Strategy programmes. David advises corporations and governments on innovation and applications of technologies such as AI, blockchain, big data, and cyber security systems. His books include New Solutions for Cybersecurity, Trusted Data, and Basic Blockchain.

Programme Instructor
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Programme Instructor
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Programme Instructor
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Your Programme Directors

Nir Vulkan
Associate Professor of Business Economics,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Nir Vulkan is the leading authority on fintech (especially equity crowdfunding and regulation), algorithmic trading, AI in finance, and market design. At Saïd Business School, he has developed and taught core electives for the Oxford MBA and Executive MBA. Since its launch, Nir has been integral to the Oxford online programmes portfolio, leading programmes on finance and disruptive technology. He is also a Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, and an academic member of the Oxford Man Institute of Quantitative Finance.

Pinar Ozcan
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Pinar Ozcan specialises in entrepreneurship and strategy in technology markets. Her current research includes the open banking project, where she examines the industry disruption in banking through regulation and entry of fintechs, and the development of the sharing economy. In 2018, Pinar received the Strategic Management Society Research in Organisations Award for her work on the disruption in the banking sector in partnership with Swift Institute. She was recently selected for the global Thinkers 50 list for emerging thinkers with the potential to make lasting contributions to management theory and practice. Finally, in 2019, she was chosen as a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow for her work on the disruption of banking in Europe and the UK.

Your Programme Instructors

Guest Experts

Edward Wray

Non-Executive Director,
Funding Circle

Ricky Knox
Founder & CEO,
Tandem Bank

Leora Klapper

Lead Economist,
Finance and Private Sector Development for the Development Research Group,
The World Bank

Anastasiya Kizima
Vice President: Innovation and Emerging Technology,

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