Disruption from AI and Blockchain Technologies in Business

Develop A Strategic Plan For Responding To Disruption

February 1, 2023
Registration closes February 7, 2023

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Why study platforms and digital disruption?

In our six week, online intensive programme, Saïd Business School academic programme director Pinar Ozcan and world-renowned guest speakers in the platforms, AI and blockchain space will provide a comprehensive roadmap of how business leaders can:


  • Explain why platform-based business models, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are considered disruptive technologies
  • Evaluate whether an industry is ready for disruption by platform-based business models, artificial intelligence or blockchain technology
  • Develop a strategic plan for responding to disruption from platform-based business models, artificial intelligence and/or blockchain technology

“The rise of the platform business model and the double-edged sword of new banking regulations provides a window of opportunity for new entrants looking to leverage artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to impact the future of banking.”

Pinar Ozcan,
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Is this programme right for you?

You will benefit from this programme if you are:

  • A professional looking for deeper knowledge about the power of platforms, AI and blockchain in a business environment


  • An entrepreneur looking to integrate disruptive technologies into your business strategy


  • Are working with strategic, operational or managerial functions seeking opportunities for innovation


  • Intellectually curious, motivated and in the midst of, or aspiring towards, a career transition that requires future-fit skills in financial tech or banking

Programme content

Module O: Orientation

An overview of the programme, the next-generation AI platform used to deliver it and the community of fellow innovators and leaders.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Disruption

To develop a foundation, gain a comprehensive understanding of:


  • Core concepts of digital disruption
  • Models and technologies that are leading the disruption
  • Key differences between, and impacts of, platforms, AI and blockchain technology

Module 2: Platform Disruption

Explore the mechanisms and competitive advantages of the platform model including:


  • The variety of industries that have been, and currently are being, disrupted by platforms (including music, ridesharing, finance, hospitality and healthcare)
  • What factors enabled the industry to be disrupted by platforms
  • How to develop the foresight to identify the industries that are ready for platform disruption

Module 3: Disruption from AI and Blockchain Technologies

Learn what makes applications of AI and blockchain technology truly disruptive:


  • Examine a variety of examples of disruptive applications of these technologies
  • Explore the conditions that enabled/will enable them to become disruptive
  • View different disruptive applications of these technologies
  • Examine what makes an industry ready for transformation from either AI or blockchain technology

Module 4: Responding to Disruption I

Look at how incumbents can respond to digital disruption by using scenario planning to determine where they should focus their digital transformation efforts:


  • Evaluate what needs to be done in order to embrace AI or blockchain technology in a product's strategy and transition a product to a platform model
  • Conduct a scenario planning exercise and use experiential learning to develop a strategy for how to respond to the disruption(s)

Module 5: Responding to Disruption II

Explore how to change the identity of a business to embrace digital transformation, including:


  • How to approach process changes as a result of new technologies
  • Which key strategies prepare people for change

Module 6: The Future

Embrace the future of digital disruption:


  • Examine emerging regulation
  • Understand the impact of regulation on technology and its disruptive power
  • Create a strategic plan for preparing a specific business for digital disruption

What you will gain

    • Proof of knowledge through the prestigious Certificate of Completion issued by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


    • A powerful professional network from building connections with a global cohort of leaders, influencers and programme participants


    • Coveted industry knowledge from market-driven curriculum designed and delivered to the standard of an elite academic institution


    • Acquisition and retention of new skills supported by an AI-driven learning platform, individual and team-based programming, and individual success coaching

Your programme director

Pinar Ozcan,
Programme Director

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


Pinar Ozcan specialises in entrepreneurship and strategy in technology markets. Her current research includes the open banking project, where she examines industry disruption in banking through regulation and entry of fintechs, and the development of the sharing economy. In 2018, Pinar received the Strategic Management Society Research in Organisations Award for her work on the disruption in the banking sector in partnership with Swift Institute. She was recently selected to the global Thinkers 50 list for emerging thinkers with the potential to make lasting contributions to management theory and practice. Finally, in 2019, she was chosen as a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow for her work on the disruption of banking in Europe and the UK.

Your programme instructors

Additional instructors will be added up to the programme commencement date.

Guest experts

Additional speakers will be added up to the programme commencement date.

How you will learn:

  • Digital videos or audio content, augmented by material created exclusively for the course
  • Quizzes and exercises designed specifically to help you understand and retain new information
  • Dialogue with expert instructors and your peers via discussion forums and small group sessions
  • Simulations and other carefully crafted interactions to provide an engaging learning experience
  • Real-life examples that place information in context to help you understand how the concepts delivered in the programme material can be applied to your work environment

  • AI coaching to improve your and your team’s collaboration

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