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Imperial Programme FAQs

Getting Help

Chat: Once your programme begins, you can find your success team and have technical questions answered in the Riff collaborative learning platform.

Email: Use imperialsuccess@esmelearning.com for a response within 24 business hours (and often much sooner)

FAQ: Programme Structure and Basic Info

  1. Can I view a directory of the other programme participants?
    This is not provided for privacy reasons. However, you may talk to your classmates via the public forums in the Riff platform.
  2. Will there be live classes with the professors?
    While we do not have live classes with professors, directors, or speakers, there will be an optional live event with the Academic Programme Directors roughly midway through the programme. Information will be provided via email and Riff. 
  3. Will I have access to the programme materials after the programme ends?
    You'll have access to the programme and Riff until 6 weeks after the programme ends. Before access ends, you may download programme materials via the “Downloadable Notes” module to keep!
  4. Why haven’t I been receiving any information about the programme?
    Regular updates are posted via Riff and emails. If you are not receiving emails, please check your spam folder, and reach out to your Success Coach to update your email address or troubleshoot as needed.
  5. What if I need learning accommodations or I have accessibility requirements?
    Please reach out to your Success Coach to discuss a number of options we have available. If your Success Coach has not contacted you yet, please reach out to imperialsuccess@esmelearning.com and a member of the Success Team will get back to you straight away. 

FAQ: Assignments and Group Work

  1. Where can I find my study group?
    By the beginning of Module 1, you will be able to access your study group in Riff. Details and instructions on getting started in Riff are in theAbout Riff tab at the top of the programme. Your group will appear in the list of channels on the left-hand side—it’s the one with a padlock symbol next to it that begins with “Capstone”.
  2. When will I receive feedback and a grade for my assignment?
    Your grades are entered 1 week after the assignment is submitted. Group work feedback is posted in your group channel in Riff. 
  3. Why do I have a grade of 1% for a group assignment that I’ve only just submitted? What if I did not answer the Submission Status group work question?
    When you submit your answer to the Submission Status question for group work, you will receive a temporary score of 1% as a placeholder. (Note: if you do not answer the question, but you participated in your group’s submission, you will still receive your group’s final score, even if your temporary score is zero.)
  4. I will be on vacation/traveling for work—can I have an extension for assignments during that time?
    Please reach out to your Success Coach at imperialsuccess@esmelearning.com. They will discuss extension options and advise on any other actions you may need to take to cover this period.
  5. Why are Riff video calls not working for me?
    The following conditions are essential or highly recommended to ensure that Riff video calls work for you: 
  • You are using a laptop/desktop, not a phone or tablet. 
  • You are using the most recent (but not beta) version of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • You have given Riff permission to access your camera and microphone.
  • You are using a personal device and a personal network, and are not using a workplace VPN. Workplace security settings might interfere with Riff permissions.
  • Your internet speed is at least 3 mbps (recommended: 10+ mbps).