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Case study: Riff Analytics supports Esme Learning’s integrated digital learning environment

When Esme Learning launched in 2019, it needed a unified communications tool to integrate its chat and video channels in a digital learning environment. Riff Analytics had the extensive functionality to make it happen.

Esme Learning used Riff’s communication technology for its Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme, developed in partnership with the University of Oxford and Mastercard. Using Riff Analytics’ communications tool, Esme learners worked through complex problems posed in the course, and received real-time feedback about critical soft skills, such as collective decision making.

In this course, Esme Learning used Riff to: 

  • Drive conversation in large and small group chat forums 
  • Host collaborative online experiences through weekly group meetings and assignments
  • Host interactive classroom sessions, including a cybersecurity attack simulation 
  • Provide soft skills feedback to individual learners and teams
  • Track behavioral metrics about teams within courses, as well as across courses

Read the full case study on Esme Learning and Riff Analytics here.

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